2014 Compensation Data Healthcare Results Now Available

June 2, 2014  from: News

This year’s results feature data collected from 13,400 healthcare employers reporting on nearly 6 million incumbents across the country. Nearly 44,000 organizations in other industries provided data on general staff positions.

New York Times: Medicine’s Top Earners Are Not the M.D.s

May 20, 2014  from: In the News

Though the recent release of Medicare’s physician payments cast a spotlight on the millions of dollars paid to some specialists, there is a startling secret behind America’s health care hierarchy: Physicians, the most highly trained members in the industry’s work force, are on average right in the middle of the compensation pack.

Pay Range Adjustments Remain Similar for Healthcare

August 29, 2012  from: dataLink

As hospitals balance the effects of the recession, pay range adjustments see little change while the time between continues to grow. The 2012 Compensation Data Healthcare results revealed the actual pay range adjustment of 1.8 percent this year varied little from the 1.7 percent adjustment in 2011, and was in line with the projection of 1.8 percent for 2012.

Prescription Co-pay Amounts Fluctuate for Healthcare Employees

August 29, 2012  from: dataLink

Healthcare reform has been a hot topic in recent years, and has caused some significant changes for employers concerning prescription coverage. According to the 2012 Compensation Data Healthcare survey, 97 percent of participating healthcare organizations included prescription co-pays in the employee medical plan. Nearly 98 percent of health maintenance organizations (HMO) include a co-pay while 91 percent of high deductible health plans (HDHP) include a co-pay.

Time-Off Programs Benefit Healthcare Employers

August 29, 2012  from: dataLink

During the recession, having a well-developed time-off program is essential for companies looking for a way to compensate employees, without stretching already thin budgets. Now, as companies push toward recovery, time-off programs are one of the cornerstones of highly competitive compensation programs attracting the best talent. The 2012 Compensation Data Healthcare survey results found 75.6 percent of healthcare organizations offer a formal paid time-off (PTO) program to employees.

Insurance Costs Continue Trending Upward for Healthcare Organizations

August 1, 2012  from: News

The 2012 Compensation Data Healthcare survey results reported the average annual cost of insurance per employee on a healthcare employer sponsored PPO plan is $8,707. That’s up from $6,807 reported in 2009, an increase of 28 percent in three years.

Healthcare Employers Turn to Wellness Programs to Suppress Rising Costs

July 11, 2012  from: News

In 2012, roughly two-thirds of healthcare employers experienced increases to their medical insurance premiums, according to the 2012 Compensation Data Healthcare survey results. Employers everywhere are looking for ways to curtail rising healthcare costs and as a result, many are turning to wellness programs.

Healthcare Organizations Seek Ways to Create a Flexible Work Environment

June 27, 2012  from: News

In an effort to attract and retain employees, some employers have found that adopting a results-only work environment (ROWE) may be the key to creating an attractive work environment, without resorting to hefty pay increases or expensive benefit plans.

Wellness Programs on the Rise for Healthcare Organizations

June 4, 2012  from: dataLink

According to the newly released 2012 Compensation Data Healthcare survey results, healthcare organizations are providing considerably more options to their employees in regard to health and wellness programs. With prevention becoming the buzzword, healthcare organizations have taken steps to increase their employees’ health and wellness through various programs. The two programs that show the most change are weight management and access to a physical fitness facility. In 2011, 52.3 percent of organizations offered weight management programs compared to 57.6 percent in 2012, while 46.4 percent of organizations offered access to a physical fitness facility in 2011 compared to 51.9 this year.

Healthcare Pay Increase Budgets Increase Slightly in 2012

June 4, 2012  from: dataLink

As the economy begins to regain its footing, pay increase budgets increased slightly for healthcare organizations. The newly released 2012 Compensation Data Healthcare survey results show that pay increase budgets rose to 2.5 percent, up from 2.4 percent in 2011. Healthcare organizations predict no change in 2013.