Job Titles

Job NumberTitleCategory
150150Administrator - Home ServicesExecutive Management
224375Assistant Vice President Administrative ServicesExecutive Management
223900Associate DirectorExecutive Management
224300Associate ProvostExecutive Management
000550Board ChairpersonExecutive Management
001050Board SecretaryExecutive Management
002550ChancellorExecutive Management
000610Chief Academic Affairs OfficerExecutive Management
000620Chief Administrative OfficerExecutive Management
000570Chief Analytics OfficerExecutive Management
000640Chief Budget OfficerExecutive Management
000650Chief Business OfficerExecutive Management
000660Chief Diversity OfficerExecutive Management
000670Chief Enrollment OfficerExecutive Management
000500Chief Executive OfficerExecutive Management
000680Chief External Affairs OfficerExecutive Management
000690Chief Facilities OfficerExecutive Management
000600Chief Financial OfficerExecutive Management
000700Chief Information OfficerExecutive Management
001080Chief Information Security OfficerExecutive Management
000730Chief Learning OfficerExecutive Management
000800Chief Lending OfficerExecutive Management
000720Chief LibrarianExecutive Management
000950Chief Medical Information OfficerExecutive Management
000900Chief Medical OfficerExecutive Management
008000Chief Nursing OfficerExecutive Management
001000Chief Operating OfficerExecutive Management
001020Chief Public Relations OfficerExecutive Management
001030Chief Research OfficerExecutive Management
001060Chief Security OfficerExecutive Management
001090Chief Strategy OfficerExecutive Management
001040Chief Student Affairs OfficerExecutive Management
001070Chief Technology OfficerExecutive Management
224000Executive DirectorExecutive Management
224200Executive Director - FoundationExecutive Management
004550General CounselExecutive Management
001100Head of Ancillary CareExecutive Management
001200Hospital AdministratorExecutive Management
008870Law Firm AdministratorExecutive Management
001300Long-Term Care AdministratorExecutive Management
008800PartnerExecutive Management
008830Partner - ManagingExecutive Management
008850Partner - SeniorExecutive Management
002000PresidentExecutive Management
002560ProvostExecutive Management
002800Top Academic OfficerExecutive Management
002100Top Acquisitions & Development ExecutiveExecutive Management
002200Top Actuarial ExecutiveExecutive Management
002300Top Claims ExecutiveExecutive Management
002500Top Commercial Lending ExecutiveExecutive Management
003000Top Compliance OfficerExecutive Management
003300Top Construction ExecutiveExecutive Management
003500Top Consumer Lending ExecutiveExecutive Management
004000Top Corporate Audit OfficerExecutive Management
004500Top Corporate Legal ExecutiveExecutive Management
004600Top Credit ExecutiveExecutive Management
004650Top Development ExecutiveExecutive Management
002710Top Division Executive - RetailExecutive Management
004700Top Division Manufacturing ExecutiveExecutive Management
008010Top Division Operations ExecutiveExecutive Management
004800Top Energy Generation ExecutiveExecutive Management
005000Top Engineering ExecutiveExecutive Management
005100Top Environmental ExecutiveExecutive Management
006000Top Human Resources ExecutiveExecutive Management
006500Top Insurance Operations ExecutiveExecutive Management
006600Top Inventory Control ExecutiveExecutive Management
006700Top Loss Prevention ExecutiveExecutive Management
007200Top Manufacturing Engineering ExecutiveExecutive Management
007000Top Manufacturing ExecutiveExecutive Management
007500Top Marketing ExecutiveExecutive Management
007700Top Merchandise Planning ExecutiveExecutive Management
008020Top Power Generation & Delivery ExecutiveExecutive Management
008030Top Product Development ExecutiveExecutive Management
008040Top Property & Casualty ExecutiveExecutive Management
008050Top Public Policy Development ExecutiveExecutive Management
008060Top Regulatory Affairs ExecutiveExecutive Management
008070Top Residential Mortgage Lending ExecutiveExecutive Management
008080Top Retail Banking ExecutiveExecutive Management
008100Top Risk OfficerExecutive Management
008300Top Sales ExecutiveExecutive Management
008200Top Supply Chain ExecutiveExecutive Management
008400Top Total Quality ExecutiveExecutive Management
008500Top Trust ExecutiveExecutive Management
008600Top Underwriting ExecutiveExecutive Management
008700Top Wealth Management ExecutiveExecutive Management
009000TreasurerExecutive Management
002650Vice ChancellorExecutive Management
009500Vice PresidentExecutive Management
009560Vice President - Development - AssociateExecutive Management
009550Vice President - ExecutiveExecutive Management
009525Vice President - SeniorExecutive Management
009580Vice President - Student Affairs - AssociateExecutive Management
224325Vice ProvostExecutive Management
012100Accounting DirectorSenior Management
014600Auditing DirectorSenior Management
220800Communications DirectorSenior Management
051200Compensation DirectorSenior Management
061000Compliance DirectorSenior Management
015300ControllerSenior Management
082350Creative Services DirectorSenior Management
112600Customer Service DirectorSenior Management
222500Development DirectorSenior Management
222550Development/Foundation DirectorSenior Management
033500Engineering DirectorSenior Management
040920Facilities DirectorSenior Management
015900Finance DirectorSenior Management
016100Financial Analysis DirectorSenior Management
054800Human Resources DirectorSenior Management
073900Information Security DirectorSenior Management
074000Information Systems DirectorSenior Management
054900Labor Relations DirectorSenior Management
084500Marketing DirectorSenior Management
104000Materials Management DirectorSenior Management
075400Multimedia DirectorSenior Management
075800Network Services DirectorSenior Management
172000Operations DirectorSenior Management
055600Recruitment DirectorSenior Management
056500Safety DirectorSenior Management
114050Sales DirectorSenior Management
057500Security DirectorSenior Management


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We have been using Compdata Surveys for a number of years and plan to continue to utilize their services. It’s a great survey that includes many of the titles in our organization and is very valuable to us in our ongoing compensation and benefits analysis. I highly recommend using Compdata Surveys!Laura W.Employment SpecialistHerbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.
I love Compdata!  I trust them to have accurate data and use them in my current position as HR Director for a defense contractor.  I used them previously when working for a major manufacturer.  Their customer service is excellent, they are efficient and thorough, and they go the distance when you need information quickly or in a specific format.Paula S.Sr. Director, Human Resources FNH USA, LLC
The salary surveys compiled by Compdata Surveys are a valuable tool we use to stay current with market data. We are a non-profit and Compdata Surveys has provided data on some positions that are hard to find. The customer service is also phenomenal, and the cost is reasonable for what is provided. I would highly recommend them to any type of organization as they have comprehensive surveys for all industries and several ways to break out the data!Deb S.Director of Human ResourcesNorthwestern College
I was so excited to find your market database. I’ve worked for large manufacturing companies where surveys were a huge cost. I’m at a smaller company where we want to build a market-based pay structure, and you have no idea how long I looked for you! Your pricing is incredible for the amount of data you provide. I’m just thrilled I can go out to my organization with credible, targeted data without having to pay another survey company 10 times what your data costs.Andrea O.Vice President, Human ResourcesPLZ Aeroscience
Compdata Surveys’ results are an invaluable source of market data. Its comprehensiveness in terms of jobs, geographic scope and drill-down features are what we need to do relevant analyses. It provides every scope indicator and compensation statistic to make this one of the best surveys in our basket. In times when companies are watching every dollar, I never question the value of this product.Dennis E.Sr. Compensation AnalystMunson Medical Center
I have used Compdata Surveys as my primary compensation and benefits reference for many years. I appreciate the manner in which they detail how they collect and validate their data, and I have found the market information to be the most relevant of a variety of surveys I’ve referenced in the past.Sandra B.Vice President, Human ResourcesGlatfelter Insurance Group
Our industry is unique since we operate several types of companies all under one roof and have locations all over the country. Compdata Surveys is one of the only trustworthy resources available to get me the survey data my company needs when we need it.Aileen C.Director of CompensationAmeristar Casinos, Inc.
We use Compdata Surveys and the non-profit sector data to make sure we are on target for our new exempt positions and job offers. We use it almost weekly if not more frequently. A must for HR Directors or HR managers engaged in comp studies or salary recommendations. The price is more than reasonable.Ricardo C.Associate Vice Chancellor for Human ResourcesTarrant County College
We have been very pleased with the quality of survey information we’ve received from Compdata Surveys. We have found it to be very relevant, accurate and useful to the types of compensation projects we have completed. We receive a good return for our investment.Robert W.Human Resource ManagerBorgWarner Emissions Systems