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Job #Job TitleJob Family
131100Alterations AssociateAssociates
131300Beauty AdvisorAssociates
131400Beauty Counter ManagerAssociates
131600Jeweler IAssociates
131650Jeweler II (Senior)Associates
131700Photo Laboratory SupervisorAssociates
131750Photo Laboratory TechnicianAssociates
136000Sales Associate IAssociates
136005Sales Associate II (Senior)Associates
136010Sales Associate III (Lead)Associates
136020Sales SpecialistAssociates
136030Service Desk AssociateAssociates
131900Watch Repair TechnicianAssociates

Executive Management

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
002710Top Division Executive - RetailExecutive Management
002720Top e-Commerce ExecutiveExecutive Management
002730Top e-Merchandising ExecutiveExecutive Management
002740Top Franchising ExecutiveExecutive Management
006600Top Inventory Control ExecutiveExecutive Management
006700Top Loss Prevention ExecutiveExecutive Management
007700Top Merchandise Planning ExecutiveExecutive Management
007710Top Merchandise Product Development ExecutiveExecutive Management
007800Top Online/Catalog ExecutiveExecutive Management
007900Top Order Fulfillment ExecutiveExecutive Management
008090Top Planning & Design ExecutiveExecutive Management
008310Top Subsidiary ExecutiveExecutive Management
008610Top Visual Merchandising ExecutiveExecutive Management

Food Service

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
212820BakerFood Service
212830Bakery ManagerFood Service
210300BaristaFood Service
212840ButcherFood Service
212870Cake DecoratorFood Service
211100ChefFood Service
211250Chef - PastryFood Service
211300Chef - SousFood Service
212200CookFood Service
213000Food Service WorkerFood Service
212880Meat CutterFood Service
212890Prep/Line CookFood Service

General Retail

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
130800Cart AttendantGeneral Retail
130700Cashiering ManagerGeneral Retail
211000Catering ManagerGeneral Retail
211060Catering SupervisorGeneral Retail
130900Coffee Shop ManagerGeneral Retail
132100Comparison ShopperGeneral Retail
131000Department ManagerGeneral Retail
132000Display ManagerGeneral Retail
132200Franchising DirectorGeneral Retail
132300Franchising ManagerGeneral Retail
135700Optometrist - RetailGeneral Retail
132600Real Estate ManagerGeneral Retail
132700Real Estate RepresentativeGeneral Retail
132800Scanning CoordinatorGeneral Retail
137000Shift SupervisorGeneral Retail
132900Space Management CoordinatorGeneral Retail
133000Space Management ManagerGeneral Retail
133200Team LeaderGeneral Retail
133400Visual DirectorGeneral Retail
133500Visual ManagerGeneral Retail
133600Visual Merchandiser/DecoratorGeneral Retail

Materials Management/Distribution

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
133700Allocation DirectorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
133800Allocation ManagerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
133900Allocator IMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
133950Allocator II (Senior)Materials Mgmt/Distribution
100010Buyer - AssistantMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
100050Buyer - AssociateMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
100100Buyer IMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
100300Buyer II (Senior)Materials Mgmt/Distribution
180700Customs Entry ClerkMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
101000DispatcherMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
181650Distribution Director *New for 2014*Materials Mgmt/Distribution
181000Distribution ManagerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
181600Distribution SupervisorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
101800Driver - DeliveryMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
101100e-Commerce AnalystMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
101200e-Commerce DirectorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
101300Field AuditorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
181500Forklift OperatorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
175300Import/Export AgentMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
181700Inventory ManagerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
103000Logistics AnalystMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
103050Logistics CoordinatorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
103160Logistics Director *New for 2014*Materials Mgmt/Distribution
103150Logistics ManagerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
103100Logistics SupervisorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
134100Loss Prevention DirectorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
134200Loss Prevention InvestigatorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
134000Loss Prevention ManagerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
134300Loss Prevention RepresentativeMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
134500Loss Prevention SpecialistMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
182000Material Handler IMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
182100Material Handler II (Senior)Materials Mgmt/Distribution
135100Merchandise DirectorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
135200Merchandise DistributorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
135500Merchandise ManagerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
135300Merchandise Manager - DivisionMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
135400Merchandise Planner IMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
135600Merchandise Planner II (Senior)Materials Mgmt/Distribution
135650Merchandise Planning ManagerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
135670Merchandise Presentation ManagerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
135000MerchandiserMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
182500Order PullerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
175400Packager - MachineMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
175410Packager - ManualMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
175420Packaging SupervisorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
182700PackerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
136040Pricing AnalystMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
104040Procurement Director *New for 2014*Materials Mgmt/Distribution
177050Production Manager *New for 2014*Materials Mgmt/Distribution
176800Production Supervisor *New for 2014*Materials Mgmt/Distribution
184000Receiver IMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
184010Receiver II (Senior)Materials Mgmt/Distribution
184050Receiving SupervisorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
184500ShipperMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
185000Shipping & Receiving ClerkMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
185500Shipping SupervisorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
138000Stock ClerkMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
138500Stock ManagerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
138600Stockroom SupervisorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
185650Supply Chain Director *New for 2014*Materials Mgmt/Distribution
185600Supply Chain ManagerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
187510Transportation Director *New for 2014*Materials Mgmt/Distribution
187520Transportation Manager *New for 2014*Materials Mgmt/Distribution
187500Transportation SupervisorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
188500Warehouse ManagerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
188000Warehouse SupervisorMaterials Mgmt/Distribution
189000Warehouse WorkerMaterials Mgmt/Distribution


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
135800Pharmacist - RetailPharmacy
157100Pharmacy DirectorPharmacy
157110Pharmacy ManagerPharmacy
157120Pharmacy Manager - DistrictPharmacy
157130Pharmacy Manager - RegionalPharmacy
156895Pharmacy Purchasing AgentPharmacy
156910Pharmacy Technician - CertifiedPharmacy
156915Pharmacy Technician - Non-CertifiedPharmacy

Store Managers

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
139100Store Co-ManagerStore Managers
139000Store ManagerStore Managers
139500Store Manager - AssistantStore Managers
139300Store Manager - DistrictStore Managers
139600Store Manager - DivisionStore Managers
139700Store Manager - RegionalStore Managers
139800Store Manager - TraineeStore Managers


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