Physician Compensation Titles

The physician specialties appear below.

Job NumberJob Title
59Allergist/Immunologist - Pediatric
06Anesthesiologist - Pediatric
08Cardiologist - Electrophysiology
10Cardiologist - Invasive
09Cardiologist - Invasive - Interventional
11Cardiologist - Non-Invasive
12Cardiologist - Transplant
60Endocrinologist - Pediatric
15Endocrinologist- Reproductive
62Intensivist/Critical Care
63Neurologist - Pediatric
01Nurse Anesthetist
64Nurse Midwife
02Nurse Practitioner
65Nurse Practitioner - Acute Care
66Nurse Practitioner - Ambulatory Care
67Nurse Practitioner - Breast Care
68Nurse Practitioner - Cardiac
69Nurse Practitioner - Emergency & Trauma
70Nurse Practitioner - ICU/Intensive Care
71Nurse Practitioner - Infection Control
72Nurse Practitioner - Neonatal
73Nurse Practitioner - Neurosurgical
74Nurse Practitioner - Oncology
75Nurse Practitioner - Oncology - Pediatric
76Nurse Practitioner - Orthopedic
77Nurse Practitioner - Pediatric
78Nurse Practitioner - Psychiatric
79Nurse Practitioner - Surgical
80Nurse Practitioner - Urgent Care
92Nurse Practitioner - Women's Health
81Nurse Specialist - Clinical
82Oncologist - Gynecologic
17Oncologist - Hematology
83Oncologist - Hematology - Pediatric
24Oncologist - Medical
84Oncologist - Pediatric
55Oncologist - Radiation
29Pediatrician - Emergency
28Pediatrician - Primary Care
31Physician - Emergency
32Physician - Family Practice
33Physician - General
34Physician - Infectious Disease
85Physician - Nuclear Medicine
86Physician - Occupational Medicine
35Physician - Orthopedic
87Physician - Pain Medicine
03Physician Assistant
88Surgeon - Burn
89Surgeon - Colon/Rectal
41Surgeon - General
90Surgeon - Hepatobiliary
57Surgeon - Neonatal
42Surgeon - Neurological
58Surgeon - Oncologist
43Surgeon - Oral & Maxillofacial
44Surgeon - Orthopedic
45Surgeon - Pediatric
46Surgeon - Plastic & Reconstructive
47Surgeon - Thoracic & Cardiovascular
91Surgeon - Transplant
48Surgeon - Trauma
49Surgeon - Vascular


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