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Job #Job TitleJob Family
030060Aerodynamic EngineerEngineering
030070Aeronautical EngineerEngineering
030050Aerospace EngineerEngineering
030080Agricultural EngineerEngineering
221250Air Quality DirectorEngineering
221200Air Quality Engineer IEngineering
221210Air Quality Engineer II (Senior) Engineering
221220Air Quality Engineer III (Lead) Engineering
030100Applications Engineer IEngineering
030200Applications Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
030150Applications Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
030260Applications Engineering Director Engineering
030250Applications Engineering ManagerEngineering
030290Automation Director Engineering
030270Automation EngineerEngineering
030280Automotive EngineerEngineering
030290Biofuel EngineerEngineering
030300Biomass EngineerEngineering
030310Biomedical EngineerEngineering
030320Biomedical Engineering TechnicianEngineering
031000CAD Designer IEngineering
031200CAD Designer II (Senior)Engineering
030500CAD DraftspersonEngineering
031350CAD ManagerEngineering
031300CAD SupervisorEngineering
031400Calibration EngineerEngineering
031450Ceramics EngineerEngineering
031500Chemical Engineer IEngineering
031600Chemical Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
031700Chemical Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
031750Chemical Engineering ManagerEngineering
031900Civil Engineer IEngineering
032000Civil Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
031910Civil Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
032010Civil Engineering ManagerEngineering
032030Commissioning EngineerEngineering
032040Construction EngineerEngineering
032050Controls EngineerEngineering
032100Design Engineer IEngineering
032200Design Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
032250Design Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
032300Design ManagerEngineering
032400Electrical Engineer IEngineering
032500Electrical Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
032600Electrical Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
032800Electrical Engineering ManagerEngineering
032840Electro-Mechanical EngineerEngineering
032880Electro-Mechanical TechnicianEngineering
032900Electronic EngineerEngineering
032910Electronic Engineer II (Senior) Engineering
032920Electronic Engineer III (Lead) Engineering
033000Electronic Technician IEngineering
033200Electronic Technician II (Senior)Engineering
033750Engineering AnalystEngineering
033500Engineering DirectorEngineering
033600Engineering ManagerEngineering
033700Engineering SupervisorEngineering
033800Engineering TechnicianEngineering
034500Environmental EngineerEngineering
034540Environmental Engineering TechnicianEngineering
035100Failure Analysis EngineerEngineering
035200Firmware EngineerEngineering
035300Geotechnical EngineerEngineering
035400Geothermal EngineerEngineering
035500Hydraulic EngineerEngineering
036000Industrial Engineer IEngineering
036200Industrial Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
036300Industrial Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
036250Industrial Engineering ManagerEngineering
036750Infrastructure DirectorEngineering
037300Logistics EngineerEngineering
037500Manufacturing Engineer IEngineering
037600Manufacturing Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
037550Manufacturing Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
037650Manufacturing Engineering ManagerEngineering
037750Marine EngineerEngineering
037800Mechanical Engineer IEngineering
038000Mechanical Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
038100Mechanical Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
038200Mechanical Engineering ManagerEngineering
038300Metallurgical EngineerEngineering
038310Meteorological EngineerEngineering
038310Nuclear EngineerEngineering
038350Optical EngineerEngineering
038360Optical Engineering TechnicianEngineering
038400Packaging EngineerEngineering
038700Petroleum EngineerEngineering
038750Photovoltaic EngineerEngineering
038900Plant EngineerEngineering
046500Plant Engineering ManagerEngineering
038950Polymer EngineerEngineering
038600Process Engineer IEngineering
038610Process Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
038620Process Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
038630Process Engineering ManagerEngineering
038640Product Designer Engineering
038660Product EngineerEngineering
038670Product Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
038680Product Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
038690Product Engineering ManagerEngineering
038500Project EngineerEngineering
038510Project Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
038520Project Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
038800Quality Control Engineer IEngineering
038810Quality Control Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
038820Quality Control Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
039100Reliability EngineerEngineering
204770Reservoir EngineerEngineering
039350Semiconductor EngineerEngineering
039450Solar Process EngineerEngineering
039700Structural EngineerEngineering
039750Switch EngineerEngineering
039770Switch Engineering TechnicianEngineering
039800Systems Engineer IEngineering
039820Systems Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
039810Systems Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
039830Systems Engineering ManagerEngineering
039850Test Engineer IEngineering
039860Test Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
039870Test Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
039880Test Engineering ManagerEngineering
039890Thermal EngineerEngineering
039910Validation Engineer IEngineering
039920Validation Engineer IIEngineering
039930Validation Engineering TechnicianEngineering
039900Water/Waste Water Environmental EngineerEngineering

Executive Management

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
000700Chief Information OfficerExecutive Management
001080Chief Information Security OfficerExecutive Management
001070Chief Technology OfficerExecutive Management
005000Top Engineering ExecutiveExecutive Management
005100Top Environmental ExecutiveExecutive Management

Information Systems

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
070010.Net Developer IInformation Systems
070020.Net Developer II (Senior)Information Systems
070050Application ArchitectInformation Systems
007060Application Development ManagerInformation Systems
007070Application Server AdministratorInformation Systems
070100Applications Programmer IInformation Systems
070200Applications Programmer II (Senior)Information Systems
070300Applications Programmer III (Lead)Information Systems
070125Applications Programming Manager Information Systems
070375Audio Visual Supervisor Information Systems
070350Audio Visual TechnicianInformation Systems
020400Business Intelligence AnalystInformation Systems
070410Client/Server DeveloperInformation Systems
070400Client/Server Operations SpecialistInformation Systems
070470Cloud ArchitectInformation Systems
070600Cold Fusion Developer IInformation Systems
070610Cold Fusion Developer II (Senior)Information Systems
070770Computer Hardware EngineerInformation Systems
070900Computer Operations ManagerInformation Systems
070500Computer Operations Specialist IInformation Systems
070700Computer Operations Specialist II (Senior)Information Systems
070800Computer Operations SupervisorInformation Systems
071400Computer Repair TechnicianInformation Systems
071700Data ArchitectInformation Systems
071800Database AdministratorInformation Systems
071900Database Administrator SupervisorInformation Systems
072200Database AnalystInformation Systems
072260Database Developer IInformation Systems
072270Database Developer II (Senior)Information Systems
071800Data Entry Clerk IInformation Systems
071900Data Entry Clerk II (Senior)Information Systems
072550Data Warehouse AnalystInformation Systems
072600Data Warehouse ManagerInformation Systems
072700Data Warehouse SpecialistInformation Systems
072300Desktop/Computer Support CoordinatorInformation Systems
072350Desktop/Computer Support Manager Information Systems
072400Desktop/Computer Support SpecialistInformation Systems
072800Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Analyst/DeveloperInformation Systems
07350ERP & CRM Developer IInformation Systems
073070ERP & CRM Developer II (Senior)Information Systems
073000Flash DeveloperInformation Systems
073100Help Desk CoordinatorInformation Systems
073300Help Desk SupervisorInformation Systems
073800Information Security AdministratorInformation Systems
073950Information Security AnalystInformation Systems
073960Information Security ArchitectInformation Systems
073900Information Security DirectorInformation Systems
074310Information Security EngineerInformation Systems
073980Information Security Forensics SpecialistInformation Systems
073990Information Security Incident ResponderInformation Systems
073850Information Security Manager Information Systems
073940Information Security SupervisorInformation Systems
074000Information Systems DirectorInformation Systems
071000Information Systems GeneralistInformation Systems
074100Information Systems ManagerInformation Systems
074200Information Systems SupervisorInformation Systems
074250iOS Application Developer IInformation Systems
074260iOS Application Developer II (Senior)Information Systems
074500Java ArchitectInformation Systems
074600Java Developer IInformation Systems
074700Java Developer II (Senior)Information Systems
075000Microsoft Dynamics AnalystInformation Systems
075100Microsoft Dynamics DeveloperInformation Systems
075300Mobile Applications Developer IInformation Systems
075350Mobile Applications Developer II (Senior)Information Systems
075370Mobile Applications ManagerInformation Systems
075400Multimedia Director Information Systems
074400Multimedia Specialist Information Systems
075500Network AdministratorInformation Systems
255500Network Communications Technician IInformation Systems
255510Network Communications Technician II (Senior)Information Systems
255600Network EngineerInformation Systems
075700Network ManagerInformation Systems
075800Network Services DirectorInformation Systems
075900Open Source Developer IInformation Systems
075950Open Source Developer II (Senior)Information Systems
076100Oracle Applications Developer IInformation Systems
076200Oracle Applications Developer II (Senior)Information Systems
076600Oracle Database Administrator IInformation Systems
076650Oracle Database Administrator II (Senior)Information Systems
076500Programmer/Analyst IInformation Systems
076700Programmer/Analyst II (Senior)Information Systems
076800Programmer/Analyst III (Lead)Information Systems
076000Project Manager - IT IInformation Systems
076010Project Manager - IT II (Senior)Information Systems
076020Project Manager - IT III (Lead) Information Systems
177660Quality Assurance Analyst IInformation Systems
177670Quality Assurance Analyst II (Senior)Information Systems
077550Reports DeveloperInformation Systems
077850SAP Programmer IInformation Systems
077860SAP Programmer II (Senior)Information Systems
076925SharePoint Architect Information Systems
076950SharePoint Director Information Systems
077000Software Engineer IInformation Systems
077010Software Engineer II (Senior)Information Systems
077020Software Engineer III (Lead)Information Systems
077100Software Quality Assurance TesterInformation Systems
077200Software TechnicianInformation Systems
078000Systems & Programming ManagerInformation Systems
077400Systems AdministratorInformation Systems
077500Systems Analyst IInformation Systems
077700Systems Analyst II (Senior)Information Systems
077800Systems Analyst III (Lead)Information Systems
078500Telecommunications AnalystInformation Systems
078700Telecommunications ManagerInformation Systems
078800Telecommunications SupervisorInformation Systems
078900Telecommunications TechnicianInformation Systems
078950UNIX/Linux System Administrator IInformation Systems
078960UNIX/Linux System Administrator II (Senior)Information Systems
079100User Interface Designer IInformation Systems
079110User Interface Designer II (Senior)Information Systems
079000Web AdministratorInformation Systems
079500Web DeveloperInformation Systems
079700Windows System Administrator IInformation Systems
079710Windows System Administrator II (Senior)Information Systems


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
030800Animal TechnicianTechnical/Scientific
030450Biologist (PhD)Technical/Scientific
031550Chemical Engineer (PhD)Technical/Scientific
031870Chemist (PhD)Technical/Scientific
031850Chemist II (Senior) Technical/Scientific
220480Chemistry TechnicianTechnical/Scientific
220730Clinical CoordinatorTechnical/Scientific
220750Clinical ProgrammerTechnical/Scientific
220770Clinical Research AdministratorTechnical/Scientific
034570Environmental Health & Safety SpecialistTechnical/Scientific
034550Environmental ScientistTechnical/Scientific
035000Environmental SpecialistTechnical/Scientific
035750Forensic PathologistTechnical/Scientific
035800Infection Control ManagerTechnical/Scientific
152780Laboratory AssistantTechnical/Scientific
152790Laboratory DirectorTechnical/Scientific
152800Laboratory ManagerTechnical/Scientific
152810Laboratory SupervisorTechnical/Scientific
037000Laboratory Technician ITechnical/Scientific
037200Laboratory Technician II (Senior)Technical/Scientific
038650Project Controls SpecialistTechnical/Scientific
177650Quality Assurance AuditorTechnical/Scientific
178010Quality Control AnalystTechnical/Scientific
178000Quality Control ManagerTechnical/Scientific
039200Research & Development ManagerTechnical/Scientific
039000Research AssociateTechnical/Scientific
228650Research Scientist ITechnical/Scientific
228660Research Scientist II (Senior)Technical/Scientific
039230Research TechnicianTechnical/Scientific
228670Research TechnologistTechnical/Scientific
039650Scientist (PhD)Technical/Scientific


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