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Job #Job TitleJob Family
140200Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Specialist I
140210Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Specialist II (Senior)
140260Anti-Money Laundering Investigator IBanking
140270Anti-Money Laundering
Investigator II (Senior)
140100Assistant Branch Manager IBanking
140300Assistant Branch Manager II (Senior)Banking
140000ATM CoordinatorBanking
140050ATM SpecialistBanking
141000Auto Remarketing ManagerBanking
141100Auto Remarketing SpecialistBanking
141200Branch CoordinatorBanking
141500Branch ManagerBanking
141600Branch Manager - In StoreBanking
142750Business Development ManagerBanking
142000Business Development SpecialistBanking
142150Card Operations ManagerBanking
142100Card Operations SpecialistBanking
142420Cash Management Officer IBanking
142425Cash Management Officer II (Senior) Banking
142440Check Processing SupervisorBanking
142450Commercial Credit Analyst IBanking
142455Commercial Credit Analyst II (Senior)Banking
142500Commercial Lending DirectorBanking
144200Commercial Loan ManagerBanking
144300Commercial Loan Officer IBanking
144400Commercial Loan Officer II (Senior)Banking
144350Commercial Loan Officer III (Lead)Banking
144500Commercial Loan Processor IBanking
144600Commercial Loan Processor II (Senior)Banking
144550Commercial Loan Processor III (Lead)Banking
144700Commercial Loan Servicing RepresentativeBanking
142600Compliance Officer - Banking IBanking
142605Compliance Officer - Banking II (Senior) Banking
142700Compliance Research AnalystBanking
143700Compliance Research ManagerBanking
144800Consumer Loan ManagerBanking
144810Consumer Loan Officer IBanking
144820Consumer Loan Officer II (Senior)Banking
144815Consumer Loan Officer III (Lead)Banking
144830Consumer Loan Processor IBanking
144840Consumer Loan Processor II (Senior)Banking
144835Consumer Loan Processor III (Lead)Banking
144850Consumer Loan Servicing RepresentativeBanking
144900Credit Card Fraud AnalystBanking
144910Credit Card Fraud InvestigatorBanking
144920Credit Card ManagerBanking
142800EFT/ACH ManagerBanking
142850EFT/ACH SpecialistBanking
143200Electronic Banking ManagerBanking
143230Electronic Banking Officer IBanking
143235Electronic Banking Officer II (Senior)Banking
143240Financial PlannerBanking
143720Financial Services Representative IBanking
143750Financial Services Representative II (Senior)Banking
143350Foreclosure Specialist IBanking
143360Foreclosure Specialist II (Senior)Banking
143370Foreign Exchange TraderBanking
143250Fraud AnalystBanking
143255Fraud Analyst II (Senior)Banking
143290Fraud ATM/Debit Card Analyst IBanking
143295Fraud ATM/Debit Card Analyst II (Senior)Banking
143380Fraud ATM/Debit Card DirectorBanking
143310Fraud ATM/Debit Card Investigation
Specialist I
143320Fraud ATM/Debit Card Investigation
Specialist II (Senior)
143340Fraud ATM/Debit Card ManagerBanking
143380Fraud Credit Analyst IBanking
143390Fraud Credit Analyst II (Senior)Banking
144900Fraud Credit Card Analyst IBanking
144905Fraud Credit Card Analyst II (Senior)Banking
144910Fraud Credit Card Investigation
Specialist I
144915Fraud Credit Card Investigation
Specialist II (Senior)
144895Fraud Credit Card ManagerBanking
143285Fraud Credit DirectorBanking
144010Fraud Credit Investigations Specialist IBanking
144020Fraud Credit Investigations
Specialist II (Senior)
143275Fraud Credit ManagerBanking
143258Fraud Detection DirectorBanking
143252Fraud Detection ManagerBanking
143254Fraud Detection SpecialistBanking
143256Fraud Detection Specialist II (Senior)Banking
143265Fraud DirectorBanking
144060Fraud Internet Banking Analyst IBanking
144070Fraud Internet Banking Analyst II (Senior)Banking
144130Fraud Internet Banking DirectorBanking
144120Fraud Internet Banking ManagerBanking
144180Fraud Investigations DirectorBanking
144170Fraud Investigations ManagerBanking
144140Fraud Investigations Specialist IBanking
144150Fraud Investigations Specialist II (Senior)Banking
143260Fraud ManagerBanking
143650Fraud Payments DirectorBanking
143640Fraud Payments ManagerBanking
143600Fraud Payments Specialist I Banking
143610Fraud Payments Specialist II (Senior)Banking
143680Fraud Policy ManagerBanking
143670Fraud Prevention DirectorBanking
143270Fraud Prevention ManagerBanking
143280Fraud Prevention SpecialistBanking
143660Fraud Prevention Specialist II (Senior)Banking
143790Fraud Risk DirectorBanking
143780Fraud Risk ManagerBanking
143760Fraud Risk Specialist IBanking
143770Fraud Risk Specialist II (Senior)Banking
143300Funds Transfer ClerkBanking
143450Investment Sales ManagerBanking
143400Investment Sales SpecialistBanking
143500Loan ClerkBanking
143800Loan Officer IBanking
143900Loan Officer II (Senior)Banking
143850Loan Officer III (Lead)Banking
144000Loan Operations OfficerBanking
144100Loan Origination ManagerBanking
145000Loan Processor IBanking
145100Loan Processor II (Senior)Banking
145050Loan Processor III (Lead)Banking
145500Loan ReviewerBanking
145600Loan Servicing ManagerBanking
145700Loss Mitigation SpecialistBanking
145750Loss Mitigation SupervisorBanking
145800Management Trainee - BankingBanking
145850Merchant RepresentativeBanking
145900Mortgage Lending DirectorBanking
145910Mortgage Loan CloserBanking
145920Mortgage Loan Closing ManagerBanking
145940Mortgage Loan Officer IBanking
145950Mortgage Loan Officer II (Senior)Banking
145945Mortgage Loan Officer III (Lead)Banking
145960Mortgage Loan Processor IBanking
145970Mortgage Loan Processor II (Senior)Banking
145965Mortgage Loan Processor III (Lead)Banking
146000Mortgage Loan UnderwriterBanking
146500New Accounts Representative IBanking
146600New Accounts Representative II (Senior)Banking
146900Operations Manager - BankingBanking
147000Operations Supervisor - BankingBanking
147900Optical Imaging ManagerBanking
147950Optical Imaging SpecialistBanking
147100Personal BankerBanking
147150Personal Banking ManagerBanking
147300Personal Financial Advisor IBanking
147330Personal Financial Advisor II (Senior)Banking
147350Personal Trust AdministratorBanking
147400Personal Trust Officer IBanking
147450Personal Trust Officer II (Senior)Banking
147470Portfolio Manager - Equity FundsBanking
147600Proof Operations SupervisorBanking
147200Proof Operator IBanking
147500Proof Operator II (Senior)Banking
147800Regional ManagerBanking
148100REO (Real Estate Owned) ManagerBanking
148000Research/Returns ClerkBanking
148110Residential Construction Loan Officer IBanking
148115Residential Construction Loan Officer II (Senior)Banking
148120Residential Construction Loan SpecialistBanking
148150Retirement Plans SpecialistBanking
148160Retirement Plans SupervisorBanking
148200Securities TraderBanking
148300Small Business BankerBanking
149010Teller - VaultBanking
148500Teller IBanking
148800Teller II (Senior)Banking
149000Teller III (Lead)Banking
149020Teller SupervisorBanking
149100Trust AssistantBanking
149200Trust Investment OfficerBanking
149300Trust New Business OfficerBanking
149500Trust Officer IBanking
149505Trust Officer II (Senior) Banking
149800Trust Operations ManagerBanking


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
190500Bricklayer - ApprenticeConstruction
190510Bricklayer - JourneypersonConstruction
190600Carpenter - ApprenticeConstruction
190610Carpenter - JourneypersonConstruction
190800Concrete FinisherConstruction
192000Construction ManagerConstruction
191500Construction SuperintendentConstruction
191510Construction Superintendent - AssistantConstruction
191000Construction SupervisorConstruction
191600Crane OperatorConstruction
192110Design & Construction DirectorConstruction
191900Electrician - ApprenticeConstruction
191910Electrician - JourneypersonConstruction
192300Equipment Operator - HeavyConstruction
192310Equipment Operator - LightConstruction
192400Estimating ManagerConstruction
192500Estimator IConstruction
192510Estimator II (Senior)Construction
193000General Construction WorkerConstruction
194490Pipefitter - ApprenticeConstruction
194500Pipefitter - JourneypersonConstruction
195000Project Engineer - ConstructionConstruction
196000Project Manager - ConstructionConstruction
196500Property & Land Acquisition OfficerConstruction
197000Survey ChiefConstruction


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
030100Applications Engineer IEngineering
030200Applications Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
030150Applications Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
030260Applications Engineering DirectorEngineering
030250Applications Engineering ManagerEngineering
030290Automation DirectorEngineering
030270Automation EngineerEngineering
031000CAD Designer I Engineering
031200CAD Designer II (Senior)Engineering
030500CAD DraftspersonEngineering
031350CAD ManagerEngineering
031300CAD SupervisorEngineering
031500Chemical Engineer IEngineering
031600Chemical Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
031700Chemical Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
031750Chemical Engineering ManagerEngineering
031900Civil Engineer IEngineering
032000Civil Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
031910Civil Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
032010Civil Engineering ManagerEngineering
032100Design Engineer IEngineering
032200Design Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
032250Design Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
032300Design ManagerEngineering
032400Electrical Engineer IEngineering
032500Electrical Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
032600Electrical Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
032800Electrical Engineering ManagerEngineering
033500Engineering DirectorEngineering
033600Engineering ManagerEngineering
033700Engineering SupervisorEngineering
033800Engineering TechnicianEngineering
036000Industrial Engineer IEngineering
036200Industrial Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
036300Industrial Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
036250Industrial Engineering ManagerEngineering
037500Manufacturing Engineer IEngineering
037600Manufacturing Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
037550Manufacturing Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
037650Manufacturing Engineering ManagerEngineering
037800Mechanical Engineer IEngineering
038000Mechanical Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
038100Mechanical Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
038200Mechanical Engineering ManagerEngineering
038400Packaging EngineerEngineering
038900Plant EngineerEngineering
046500Plant Engineering ManagerEngineering
038600Process Engineer IEngineering
038610Process Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
038620Process Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
038630Process Engineering ManagerEngineering
038640Product DesignerEngineering
038660Product Engineer IEngineering
038670Product Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
038680Product Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
038690Product Engineering ManagerEngineering
038800Quality Control Engineer IEngineering
038810Quality Control Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
038820Quality Control Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
039800Systems Engineer IEngineering
039820Systems Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
039810Systems Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
039830Systems Engineering ManagerEngineering
039850Test Engineer IEngineering
039860Test Engineer II (Senior)Engineering
039870Test Engineer III (Lead)Engineering
039880Test Engineering ManagerEngineering

Executive Management

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
000570Chief Analytics OfficerExecutive Management
000500Chief Executive OfficerExecutive Management
000690Chief Facilities Officer Executive Management
000600Chief Financial OfficerExecutive Management
000700Chief Information OfficerExecutive Management
001080Chief Information Security OfficerExecutive Management
000730Chief Learning OfficerExecutive Management
000800Chief Lending OfficerExecutive Management
001000Chief Operating OfficerExecutive Management
001060Chief Security OfficerExecutive Management
001090Chief Strategy OfficerExecutive Management
001070Chief Technology OfficerExecutive Management
004550General CounselExecutive Management
002000PresidentExecutive Management
002100Top Acquisitions & Development ExecutiveExecutive Management
002500Top Commercial Lending ExecutiveExecutive Management
003000Top Compliance OfficerExecutive Management
003300Top Construction ExecutiveExecutive Management
003500Top Consumer Lending ExecutiveExecutive Management
004000Top Corporate Audit OfficerExecutive Management
004500Top Corporate Legal ExecutiveExecutive Management
004600Top Credit ExecutiveExecutive Management
008010Top Division Operations ExecutiveExecutive Management
005000Top Engineering ExecutiveExecutive Management
005100Top Environmental ExecutiveExecutive Management
006000Top Human Resources ExecutiveExecutive Management
007500Top Marketing ExecutiveExecutive Management
008030Top Product Development ExecutiveExecutive Management
008060Top Regulatory Affairs ExecutiveExecutive Management
008070Top Residential Mortgage Lending ExecutiveExecutive Management
008080Top Retail Banking ExecutiveExecutive Management
008100Top Risk OfficerExecutive Management
008300Top Sales ExecutiveExecutive Management
008400Top Total Quality ExecutiveExecutive Management
008500Top Trust ExecutiveExecutive Management
008700Top Wealth Management ExecutiveExecutive Management
009000TreasurerExecutive Management
009500Vice PresidentExecutive Management
009550Vice President - ExecutiveExecutive Management
009525Vice President - SeniorExecutive Management

Facilities Maintenance

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
040500Custodian IFacilities Maintenance
040510Custodian II (Senior) Facilities Maintenance
040600Diesel MechanicFacilities Maintenance
040610Diesel Mechanic II (Senior)Facilities Maintenance
040620Diesel Mechanic III (Lead)Facilities Maintenance
040640Diesel Mechanic ManagerFacilities Maintenance
040630Diesel Mechanic SupervisorFacilities Maintenance
040920Facilities DirectorFacilities Maintenance
040925Facilities ManagerFacilities Maintenance
040900Facilities PlannerFacilities Maintenance
040930Facilities SupervisorFacilities Maintenance
041010Floor FinisherFacilities Maintenance
041300GroundskeeperFacilities Maintenance
215200HousekeeperFacilities Maintenance
041500HVAC MechanicFacilities Maintenance
041710LaborerFacilities Maintenance
041350LandscaperFacilities Maintenance
042000Maintenance Electrician IFacilities Maintenance
042200Maintenance Electrician II (Senior)Facilities Maintenance
043500Maintenance Installer/RepairerFacilities Maintenance
045500Maintenance ManagerFacilities Maintenance
044000Maintenance Mechanic IFacilities Maintenance
044500Maintenance Mechanic II (Senior)Facilities Maintenance
044800Maintenance Mechanic SupervisorFacilities Maintenance
045600Maintenance Storeroom TechnicianFacilities Maintenance
045000Maintenance Supervisor IFacilities Maintenance
045300Maintenance Supervisor II (Senior)Facilities Maintenance
043000Maintenance Worker IFacilities Maintenance
043010Maintenance Worker II (Senior) Facilities Maintenance
046000Painter IFacilities Maintenance
046100Painter II (Senior)Facilities Maintenance
046300Parking Facilities AttendantFacilities Maintenance
046350Parking Facilities ManagerFacilities Maintenance
047000PlumberFacilities Maintenance
204500Power Plant OperatorFacilities Maintenance
227540Sustainability CoordinatorFacilities Maintenance
227530Sustainability DirectorFacilities Maintenance
227550Sustainability ManagerFacilities Maintenance


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
015500Accountant - Cost IFinance
015550Accountant - Cost II (Senior) Finance
015700Accountant - Cost ManagerFinance
018500Accountant - TaxFinance
010100Accountant IFinance
010500Accountant II (Senior)Finance
010600Accounting Analyst IFinance
010610Accounting Analyst II (Senior)Finance
010620Accounting AssistantFinance
011000Accounting Clerk IFinance
011500Accounting Clerk II (Senior)Finance
012100Accounting DirectorFinance
012000Accounting Manager - GeneralFinance
010650Accounting SpecialistFinance
011700Accounting SupervisorFinance
012200Accounts Payable/Receivable ClerkFinance
012300Accounts Payable/Receivable CoordinatorFinance
012800Accounts Payable/Receivable ManagerFinance
012600Accounts Payable/Receivable SupervisorFinance
014600Auditing DirectorFinance
014500Auditing ManagerFinance
013500Auditor IFinance
014000Auditor II (Senior)Finance
014300Auditor III (Lead)Finance
014420Billing Analyst IFinance
014430Billing Analyst II (Senior) Finance
014900Bookkeeper IFinance
014920Bookkeeper II (Senior)Finance
014940Bookkeeping SupervisorFinance
014700Budget AnalystFinance
014720Budget DirectorFinance
014800Budget ManagerFinance
142400Collections ManagerFinance
142250Collections SupervisorFinance
142200Collector IFinance
142300Collector II (Senior)Finance
015250Controller - AssistantFinance
143000Credit Analyst IFinance
143100Credit Analyst II (Senior)Finance
143150Credit Analyst SupervisorFinance
015900Finance DirectorFinance
016550Finance ManagerFinance
016100Financial Analysis DirectorFinance
016000Financial Analyst IFinance
016200Financial Analyst II (Senior)Finance
016250Financial Analyst III (Lead)Finance
016500Financial Planning ManagerFinance
016575Financial Systems ManagerFinance
017500Payroll Clerk IFinance
017700Payroll Clerk II (Senior)Finance
017800Payroll CoordinatorFinance
018100Payroll ManagerFinance
018000Payroll SupervisorFinance
167830Risk Management CoordinatorFinance
167810Risk Management DirectorFinance
167820Risk Management SpecialistFinance
167840Risk Management SupervisorFinance
167860Risk ManagerFinance

Food Service

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
211100ChefFood Service
212200CookFood Service
152000Food Service DirectorFood Service
152010Food Service ManagerFood Service
152100Food Service SupervisorFood Service
213000Food Service WorkerFood Service
212890Prep/Line CookFood Service

General Office

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
020100Administrative Assistant IGeneral Office
020200Administrative Assistant II (Senior)General Office
020300Business Analyst IGeneral Office
020350Business Analyst II (Senior)General Office
020400Business Intelligence AnalystGeneral Office
025250Business Office ManagerGeneral Office
220475Childcare Center DirectorGeneral Office
220450Childcare Teacher (Degree)General Office
220440Childcare Teacher (Non-Degree)General Office
020500Clerk IGeneral Office
020700Clerk II (Senior)General Office
021000Clerk TypistGeneral Office
021100Conference Services Manager General Office
021400Executive AssistantGeneral Office
021500Executive SecretaryGeneral Office
024000Mail ClerkGeneral Office
024600Mail Services ManagerGeneral Office
024500Mail Services SupervisorGeneral Office
025000Office Manager IGeneral Office
025200Office Manager II (Senior)General Office
172000Operations DirectorGeneral Office
025400Operations ManagerGeneral Office
025410Operations SupervisorGeneral Office
025640Permit Coordinator General Office
025650Program DirectorGeneral Office
025600Program Manager IGeneral Office
025610Program Manager II (Senior)General Office
038540Project CoordinatorGeneral Office
038580Project DirectorGeneral Office
038550Project ManagerGeneral Office
038560Project Manager II (Senior)General Office
038570Project Manager III (Lead)General Office
038530Project Support AssistantGeneral Office
027500Quality Control SpecialistGeneral Office
026000ReceptionistGeneral Office
026500SecretaryGeneral Office
026600Travel CoordinatorGeneral Office

Human Resources

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
050100Benefits ClerkHuman Resources
050300Benefits CoordinatorHuman Resources
050500Benefits ManagerHuman Resources
051500Compensation & Benefits ManagerHuman Resources
051000Compensation Analyst IHuman Resources
051100Compensation Analyst II (Senior)Human Resources
051150Compensation Analyst III (Lead) Human Resources
051200Compensation DirectorHuman Resources
052000Compensation ManagerHuman Resources
052100Continuing Education CoordinatorHuman Resources
052300EEO Compliance OfficerHuman Resources
052500Employee Relations ManagerHuman Resources
052550Employee Relations SpecialistHuman Resources
053000Employment ManagerHuman Resources
053350HRIS Administrator Human Resources
053450HRIS ManagerHuman Resources
053300HRIS Technical SpecialistHuman Resources
053500Human Resources Assistant IHuman Resources
053600Human Resources Assistant II (Senior)Human Resources
054800Human Resources DirectorHuman Resources
054000Human Resources GeneralistHuman Resources
054500Human Resources ManagerHuman Resources
054100Human Resources SpecialistHuman Resources
054400Human Resources SupervisorHuman Resources
054900Labor Relations DirectorHuman Resources
055000Labor Relations ManagerHuman Resources
055050Organizational Development DirectorHuman Resources
055100Organizational Development SpecialistHuman Resources
055500RecruiterHuman Resources
055520Recruiter - TechnicalHuman Resources
055510Recruiter II (Senior)Human Resources
055600Recruitment DirectorHuman Resources
055420Recruitment ManagerHuman Resources
055800Safety AdministratorHuman Resources
056600Safety ManagerHuman Resources
056500Safety DirectorHuman Resources
057100Security Analyst Human Resources
057500Security DirectorHuman Resources
057510Security Manager Human Resources
056990Security Officer - ArmedHuman Resources
057000Security Officer - Unarmed (Security Guard)Human Resources
057300Security SupervisorHuman Resources
057700Staffing CoordinatorHuman Resources
058000TrainerHuman Resources
057900Training CoordinatorHuman Resources
058100Training DirectorHuman Resources
058500Training ManagerHuman Resources
058400Training SupervisorHuman Resources
058600Wellness CoordinatorHuman Resources
059010Workers Compensation CoordinatorHuman Resources

Information Systems

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
070050Application ArchitectInformation Systems
070100Applications Programmer IInformation Systems
070200Applications Programmer II (Senior)Information Systems
070300Applications Programmer III (Lead)Information Systems
070125Applications Programming ManagerInformation Systems
070375Audio Visual Supervisor Information Systems
070350Audio Visual TechnicianInformation Systems
020450Business Analyst - IT IInformation Systems
020460Business Analyst - IT II (Senior)Information Systems
020400Business Intelligence AnalystInformation Systems
070400Client/Server Operations SpecialistInformation Systems
070900Computer Operations ManagerInformation Systems
070500Computer Operations Specialist IInformation Systems
070700Computer Operations Specialist II (Senior)Information Systems
070800Computer Operations SupervisorInformation Systems
071400Computer Repair TechnicianInformation Systems
071500Cyber Security AnalystInformation Systems
071600Cyber Security SpecialistInformation Systems
071700Data ArchitectInformation Systems
072000Database AdministratorInformation Systems
072100Database Administrator SupervisorInformation Systems
072200Database AnalystInformation Systems
071800Data Entry Clerk IInformation Systems
071900Data Entry Clerk II (Senior)Information Systems
072500Data ModelerInformation Systems
072600Data Warehouse ManagerInformation Systems
072700Data Warehouse SpecialistInformation Systems
072300Desktop/Computer Support CoordinatorInformation Systems
072350Desktop/Computer Support ManagerInformation Systems
072400Desktop/Computer Support SpecialistInformation Systems
072800Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Analyst/DeveloperInformation Systems
073100Help Desk CoordinatorInformation Systems
073400Help Desk ManagerInformation Systems
073200Help Desk SpecialistInformation Systems
073300Help Desk SupervisorInformation Systems
073800Information Security AdministratorInformation Systems
073950Information Security AnalystInformation Systems
073900Information Security DirectorInformation Systems
073850Information Security ManagerInformation Systems
073940Information Security SupervisorInformation Systems
074000Information Systems DirectorInformation Systems
071000Information Systems GeneralistInformation Systems
074100Information Systems ManagerInformation Systems
074200Information Systems SupervisorInformation Systems
075400Multimedia DirectorInformation Systems
074400Multimedia SpecialistInformation Systems
075500Network AdministratorInformation Systems
255500Network Communications Technician IInformation Systems
255510Network Communications Technician II (Senior)Information Systems
255600Network EngineerInformation Systems
075700Network ManagerInformation Systems
075800Network Services DirectorInformation Systems
076500Programmer/Analyst IInformation Systems
076700Programmer/Analyst II (Senior)Information Systems
076800Programmer/Analyst III (Lead)Information Systems
076000Project Manager - IT IInformation Systems
076010Project Manager - IT II (Senior)Information Systems
076020Project Manager - IT III (Lead) Information Systems
177600Quality Assurance ManagerInformation Systems
177610Quality Assurance SpecialistInformation Systems
077000Software Engineer IInformation Systems
077010Software Engineer II (Senior)Information Systems
077020Software Engineer III (Lead)Information Systems
077100Software Quality Assurance TesterInformation Systems
077200Software TechnicianInformation Systems
078000Systems & Programming ManagerInformation Systems
077400Systems AdministratorInformation Systems
077500Systems Analyst IInformation Systems
077700Systems Analyst II (Senior)Information Systems
077800Systems Analyst III (Lead)Information Systems
258300Technical Operations ManagerInformation Systems
078500Telecommunications AnalystInformation Systems
078700Telecommunications ManagerInformation Systems
078800Telecommunications SupervisorInformation Systems
078900Telecommunications TechnicianInformation Systems
079000Web AdministratorInformation Systems
079500Web DeveloperInformation Systems


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
060100Attorney - Staff ILegal
060500Attorney - Staff II (Senior)Legal
151150Compliance CoordinatorLegal
061000Compliance DirectorLegal
162100Compliance Specialist I Legal
162150Compliance Specialist II (Senior) Legal
061500Contracts Administrator Legal
061700Contracts ManagerLegal
061600Contracts Specialist Legal
062000Legal SecretaryLegal
063250Proposal SpecialistLegal
065400Regulatory Affairs SpecialistLegal


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
080100Advertising & Public Relations ManagerMarketing/Communications
081000Advertising ManagerMarketing/Communications
080500Advertising SpecialistMarketing/Communications
081500Art DirectorMarketing/Communications
081600Brand ManagerMarketing/Communications
220800Communications DirectorMarketing/Communications
081800Communications ManagerMarketing/Communications
082000Communications SpecialistMarketing/Communications
082020Communications Supervisor Marketing/Communications
082200Copy EditorMarketing/Communications
082300Copy WriterMarketing/Communications
082350Creative Services DirectorMarketing/Communications
082400Desktop PublisherMarketing/Communications
082500Graphic Designer/ArtistMarketing/Communications
083700Marketing Assistant Marketing/Communications
083800Marketing CoordinatorMarketing/Communications
084500Marketing DirectorMarketing/Communications
084300Marketing ManagerMarketing/Communications
084000Marketing SpecialistMarketing/Communications
084050Marketing Specialist II (Senior)Marketing/Communications
084200Marketing Strategy AnalystMarketing/Communications
085100Media Coordinator Marketing/Communications
085000Media ProducerMarketing/Communications
085200Media SupervisorMarketing/Communications
086000New Business Development ManagerMarketing/Communications
086100New Business Development SpecialistMarketing/Communications
086500Press Operator - DuplicatingMarketing/Communications
086800Press Operator - OffsetMarketing/Communications
086900Press Roll TenderMarketing/Communications
087000Print Shop SupervisorMarketing/Communications
087500Product Development ManagerMarketing/Communications
087600Proofreader Marketing/Communications
087700Public Relations Coordinator Marketing/Communications
087900Public Relations ManagerMarketing/Communications
088000Public Relations SpecialistMarketing/Communications
087800Public Relations SupervisorMarketing/Communications
088920Social Media CoordinatorMarketing/Communications
088900Social Media DirectorMarketing/Communications
088950Social Media ManagerMarketing/Communications
088500Technical WriterMarketing/Communications
088650Web Content ManagerMarketing/Communications
088700Web Content SpecialistMarketing/Communications
088600Web Strategy DirectorMarketing/Communications


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
252100Advertising Account DirectorMedia
252120Advertising Account Manager - AssistantMedia
252110Advertising Account Manager IMedia
252130Advertising Account Manager II (Senior)Media
252140Advertising Traffic DirectorMedia
252150Advertising Traffic ManagerMedia
252200Camera OperatorMedia
252750Editor - AcquisitionsMedia
252650Editor - AssistantMedia
252600Editor - IMedia
252700Editor - ManagingMedia
252850Editor II (Senior)Media
255000Master Control OperatorMedia
255010Master Control SupervisorMedia
255020Master Control TechnicianMedia
255100Media BuyerMedia
255200Media PlannerMedia
255700Page DesignerMedia
255950Print EstimatorMedia
256000Producer IMedia
256010Producer II (Senior)Media
256200Production AssistantMedia
256210Production ManagerMedia
256220Production TechnicianMedia
256500Programming AssistantMedia
256510Programming ManagerMedia
257800Set DesignerMedia
252500Television & Cable DirectorMedia
259400Video EditorMedia
259600Writer - AssistantMedia

Materials Management

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
100100Buyer IMaterials Management
100300Buyer II (Senior)Materials Management
101500Courier/DriverMaterials Management
101510Courier/Driver - Non CDLMaterials Management
101000DispatcherMaterials Management
181100Driver - Over the Road/HeavyMaterials Management
181200Driver - Route DeliveryMaterials Management
181300Driver - Within 100 MilesMaterials Management
101600Fleet CoordinatorMaterials Management
101750Fleet DirectorMaterials Management
101700Fleet ManagerMaterials Management
102000Inventory & Production Control ManagerMaterials Management
102200Inventory ClerkMaterials Management
102500Inventory Control AnalystMaterials Management
102100Inventory Control ManagerMaterials Management
104000Materials Management DirectorMaterials Management
104010Materials Management ManagerMaterials Management
104005Materials Management SupervisorMaterials Management
104500Purchasing ClerkMaterials Management
104600Purchasing DirectorMaterials Management
105000Purchasing ManagerMaterials Management
105100Purchasing SupervisorMaterials Management
177900Quality Generalist ManagerMaterials Management
105500Scheduling ManagerMaterials Management
107000Traffic ManagerMaterials Management

Real Estate

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
140080Appraiser - CommercialReal Estate
140085Appraiser - Personal Property
Real Estate
140090Appraiser - ResidentialReal Estate
245030Lease AdministratorReal Estate
245000Leasing ConsultantReal Estate
245010Leasing ManagerReal Estate
245020Leasing RepresentativeReal Estate
246000Online Property EvaluatorReal Estate
247000Property ManagerReal Estate
247010Property Manager - AssistantReal Estate
248050Real Estate AnalystReal Estate
245100Real Estate Director - AssociateReal Estate
248000Real Estate Sales AgentReal Estate
248070Real Estate Sales AssistantReal Estate
248100Rent Collection RepresentativeReal Estate
249000Title ExaminerReal Estate


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
110300Call Center ManagerSales/Service
110350Call Center RepresentativeSales/Service
110370Call Center SupervisorSales/Service
110210Cashier ISales/Service
130200Cashier II (Senior)Sales/Service
130500Cashier III (Lead)Sales/Service
130700Cashiering ManagerSales/Service
110400Customer Relationship ManagerSales/Service
110450Customer Relationship SpecialistSales/Service
112600Customer Service DirectorSales/Service
112500Customer Service ManagerSales/Service
111500Customer Service Representative - TechnicalSales/Service
110500Customer Service Representative ISales/Service
111000Customer Service Representative II (Senior)Sales/Service
112000Customer Service SupervisorSales/Service
113000Field Service EngineerSales/Service
113500Field Service TechnicianSales/Service
113800Order Entry ClerkSales/Service
114000Sales AssistantSales/Service
114050Sales DirectorSales/Service
114100Sales EngineerSales/Service
114300Sales Manager - District (MGRL/SPVSRY)Sales/Service
113700Sales Manager - InsideSales/Service
113600Sales Manager - InternationalSales/Service
113750Sales Manager - InternetSales/Service
114500Sales Manager - National (MGRL/SPVSRY)Sales/Service
113850Sales Manager - OutsideSales/Service
115000Sales Manager - Regional (MGRL/SPVSRY)Sales/Service
115500Sales Representative - Inside ISales/Service
115800Sales Representative - Inside II (Senior)Sales/Service
116000Sales Representative - Outside ISales/Service
116200Sales Representative - Outside II (Senior)Sales/Service
257400 Service Technician ISales/Service
257410 Service Technician II (Senior)Sales/Service
117000Telemarketing RepresentativeSales/Service
117300Warranty CoordinatorSales/Service


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I was so excited to find your market database. I’ve worked for large manufacturing companies where surveys were a huge cost. I’m at a smaller company where we want to build a market-based pay structure, and you have no idea how long I looked for you! Your pricing is incredible for the amount of data you provide. I’m just thrilled I can go out to my organization with credible, targeted data without having to pay another survey company 10 times what your data costs.Andrea O.Vice President, Human ResourcesPLZ Aeroscience
Compdata Surveys’ results are an invaluable source of market data. Its comprehensiveness in terms of jobs, geographic scope and drill-down features are what we need to do relevant analyses. It provides every scope indicator and compensation statistic to make this one of the best surveys in our basket. In times when companies are watching every dollar, I never question the value of this product.Dennis E.Sr. Compensation AnalystMunson Medical Center
I have used Compdata Surveys as my primary compensation and benefits reference for many years. I appreciate the manner in which they detail how they collect and validate their data, and I have found the market information to be the most relevant of a variety of surveys I’ve referenced in the past.Sandra B.Vice President, Human ResourcesGlatfelter Insurance Group
The salary surveys compiled by Compdata Surveys are a valuable tool we use to stay current with market data. We are a non-profit and Compdata Surveys has provided data on some positions that are hard to find. The customer service is also phenomenal, and the cost is reasonable for what is provided. I would highly recommend them to any type of organization as they have comprehensive surveys for all industries and several ways to break out the data!Deb S.Director of Human ResourcesNorthwestern College
Our industry is unique since we operate several types of companies all under one roof and have locations all over the country. Compdata Surveys is one of the only trustworthy resources available to get me the survey data my company needs when we need it.Aileen C.Director of CompensationAmeristar Casinos, Inc.
We have been very pleased with the quality of survey information we’ve received from Compdata Surveys. We have found it to be very relevant, accurate and useful to the types of compensation projects we have completed. We receive a good return for our investment.Robert W.Human Resource ManagerBorgWarner Emissions Systems
I love Compdata!  I trust them to have accurate data and use them in my current position as HR Director for a defense contractor.  I used them previously when working for a major manufacturer.  Their customer service is excellent, they are efficient and thorough, and they go the distance when you need information quickly or in a specific format.Paula S.Sr. Director, Human Resources FNH USA, LLC
We use Compdata Surveys and the non-profit sector data to make sure we are on target for our new exempt positions and job offers. We use it almost weekly if not more frequently. A must for HR Directors or HR managers engaged in comp studies or salary recommendations. The price is more than reasonable.Ricardo C.Associate Vice Chancellor for Human ResourcesTarrant County College
We have been using Compdata Surveys for a number of years and plan to continue to utilize their services. It’s a great survey that includes many of the titles in our organization and is very valuable to us in our ongoing compensation and benefits analysis. I highly recommend using Compdata Surveys!Laura W.Employment SpecialistHerbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.