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The colleges and universities job families appear below. To view the corresponding job titles, select the View Titles option under each family. For Faculty and Research titles, data is collected by discipline, or Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP). View a list of surveyed CIP codes.

Academic Affairs

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
220010Academic Records Assistant IAcademic Affairs
220020Academic Records Assistant II (Senior)Academic Affairs
221675Associate Dean - Career DevelopmentAcademic Affairs
220460Box Office/Ticket ManagerAcademic Affairs
220870Conference & Workshop Education CoordinatorAcademic Affairs
022080Continuing Education DirectorAcademic Affairs
221500CuratorAcademic Affairs
221670Dean - Career DevelopmentAcademic Affairs
223110Distance Learning DirectorAcademic Affairs
223110Graduate Admissions DirectorAcademic Affairs
223140Institutional Research DirectorAcademic Affairs
223145Institutional Research Director - AssociateAcademic Affairs
223150International Education DirectorAcademic Affairs
226100Museum CuratorAcademic Affairs
226200Museums DirectorAcademic Affairs
226300Performing Arts DirectorAcademic Affairs
226600Performing Arts Technical DirectorAcademic Affairs
226400Sponsored Research & Programs DirectorAcademic Affairs
223120Study Abroad DirectorAcademic Affairs
226500Teaching Center DirectorAcademic Affairs

Academic Deans

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
221650Associate DeanAcademic Dean
221615Associate Dean - AgricultureAcademic Deans
221625Associate Dean - ArchitectureAcademic Deans
221635Associate Dean - Arts & LettersAcademic Deans
221645Associate Dean - Arts & SciencesAcademic Deans
222055Associate Dean - Biological & Life SciencesAcademic Deans
221665Associate Dean - BusinessAcademic Deans
221685Associate Dean - Computer & Information SystemsAcademic Deans
221695Associate Dean - Continuing EducationAcademic Deans
221705Associate Dean - DentistryAcademic Deans
221715Associate Dean - Divinity/TheologyAcademic Deans
221725Associate Dean - EducationAcademic Deans
221735Associate Dean - EngineeringAcademic Deans
221745Associate Dean - External Degree ProgramsAcademic Deans
221755Associate Dean - Family & Human SciencesAcademic Deans
221765Associate Dean - Fine ArtsAcademic Deans
221775Associate Dean - Forestry & Environmental StudiesAcademic Deans
221785Associate Dean - Government Affairs & Public PolicyAcademic Deans
221795Associate Dean - Graduate ProgramsAcademic Deans
221805Associate Dean - Health-Related ProfessionsAcademic Deans
221815Associate Dean - Honors ProgramsAcademic Deans
221825Associate Dean - HumanitiesAcademic Deans
221835Associate Dean - InstructionAcademic Deans
221845Associate Dean - Journalism & Mass CommunicationsAcademic Deans
221855Associate Dean - LawAcademic Deans
221865Associate Dean - LibraryAcademic Deans
221875Associate Dean - MathematicsAcademic Deans
221885Associate Dean - MedicineAcademic Deans
221895Associate Dean - Multi Interdisciplinary StudiesAcademic Deans
221905Associate Dean - Multiple Academic DisciplinesAcademic Deans
221915Associate Dean - MusicAcademic Deans
221925Associate Dean - NursingAcademic Deans
221935Associate Dean - Occupational Studies & Vocational TrainingAcademic Deans
221945Associate Dean - Performing ArtsAcademic Deans
221955Associate Dean - PharmacyAcademic Deans
221965Associate Dean - Public AdministrationAcademic Deans
221975Associate Dean - Public HealthAcademic Deans
221985Associate Dean - SciencesAcademic Deans
221995Associate Dean - Social SciencesAcademic Deans
222015Associate Dean - Social WorkAcademic Deans
222025Associate Dean - Special ProgramsAcademic Deans
222035Associate Dean - Undergraduate ProgramsAcademic Deans
222045Associate Dean - Veterinary MedicineAcademic Deans
221600DeanAcademic Dean
221610Dean - AgricultureAcademic Deans
221620Dean - ArchitectureAcademic Deans
221630Dean - Arts & LettersAcademic Deans
221640Dean - Arts & SciencesAcademic Deans
222050Dean - Biological & Life SciencesAcademic Deans
221660Dean - BusinessAcademic Deans
221680Dean - Computer & Information SystemsAcademic Deans
221690Dean - Continuing EducationAcademic Deans
221700Dean - DentistryAcademic Deans
221710Dean - Divinity/TheologyAcademic Deans
221720Dean - EducationAcademic Deans
221730Dean - EngineeringAcademic Deans
221740Dean - External Degree ProgramsAcademic Deans
221750Dean - Family & Human SciencesAcademic Deans
221760Dean - Fine ArtsAcademic Deans
221770Dean - Forestry & Environmental StudiesAcademic Deans
221780Dean - Government Affairs & Public PolicyAcademic Deans
221790Dean - Graduate ProgramsAcademic Deans
221800Dean - Health-Related ProfessionsAcademic Deans
221810Dean - Honors ProgramsAcademic Deans
221820Dean - HumanitiesAcademic Deans
221830Dean - InstructionAcademic Deans
221840Dean - Journalism & Mass CommunicationsAcademic Deans
221850Dean - LawAcademic Deans
221860Dean - LibraryAcademic Deans
221870Dean - MathematicsAcademic Deans
221880Dean - MedicineAcademic Deans
221890Dean - Multi Interdisciplinary StudiesAcademic Deans
221900Dean - Multiple Academic DisciplinesAcademic Deans
221910Dean - MusicAcademic Deans
221920Dean - NursingAcademic Deans
221930Dean - Occupational Studies & Vocational TrainingAcademic Deans
221940Dean - Performing ArtsAcademic Deans
221950Dean - PharmacyAcademic Deans
221960Dean - Public AdministrationAcademic Deans
221970Dean - Public HealthAcademic Deans
221980Dean - SciencesAcademic Deans
221990Dean - Social SciencesAcademic Deans
222010Dean - Social WorkAcademic Deans
222020Dean - Special ProgramsAcademic Deans
222030Dean - Undergraduate ProgramsAcademic Deans
222040Dean - Veterinary MedicineAcademic Deans


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
220260Athletic DirectorAthletics
220280Athletic Director - AssociateAthletics
220290Athletic Director - ComplianceAthletics
220330Athletic Director - DevelopmentAthletics
220350Athletic Director - Men's Athletic Programs - AssociateAthletics
220390Athletic Director - Sports Information - AssociateAthletics
220420Athletic Director - Women's Athletic Programs - AssociateAthletics
220610Athletic Recruitment DirectorAthletics
220620Athletic Recruitment Director - AssociateAthletics
220430Athletic Trainer - AssistantAthletics
210110Athletic Trainer - CertifiedAthletics
220630Defensive CoordinatorAthletics

Auxiliary Services

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
220320Auxiliary Services DirectorAuxiliary Services
220500Bookstore/Textbook DirectorAuxiliary Services
220510Bookstore AssistantAuxiliary Services
220310Bookstore ManagerAuxiliary Services
211200Chef - ExecutiveAuxiliary Services
220475Childcare Center DirectorAuxiliary Services
220450Childcare Center Teacher (Degree)Auxiliary Services
152000Food Service DirectorAuxiliary Services
152005Food Service Director - AssociateAuxiliary Services
152010Food Service ManagerAuxiliary Services
152100Food Service SupervisorAuxiliary Services
213000Food Service WorkerAuxiliary Services
024000Mail ClerkAuxiliary Services
024600Mail Services ManagerAuxiliary Services
024500Mail Services SupervisorAuxiliary Services
227200Parking & Transportation DirectorAuxiliary Services
227300Police CaptainAuxiliary Services
227310Police ChiefAuxiliary Services
227315Police Chief - AssistantAuxiliary Services
227320Police DetectiveAuxiliary Services
227330Police LieutenantAuxiliary Services
227340Police OfficerAuxiliary Services
227335Police Officer II - SeniorAuxiliary Services
227345Police Officer - MasterAuxiliary Services
227350Police SergeantAuxiliary Services
087200Printing Services ManagerAuxiliary Services
087000Print Shop SupervisorAuxiliary Services
185700Shipping & Receiving SupervisorAuxiliary Services

Business & Administrative Affairs

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
259000Business Affairs DirectorBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227410College & University Press DirectorBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227430Environmental Stewardship DirectorBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227470International Programs AdvisorBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227440International Programs CoordinatorBusiness & Administrative Affairs
224850International Programs DirectorBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227480MBA Program DirectorBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227490OmbudspersonBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227450Program AssistantBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227460Program CoordinatorBusiness & Administrative Affairs
025700Program Director - EducationalBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227510Program ManagerBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227520Risk Management & Insurance DirectorBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227540Sustainability CoordinatorBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227530Sustainability DirectorBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227550Sustainability ManagerBusiness & Administrative Affairs
227560Title III Program DirectorBusiness & Administrative Affairs

Enrollment Services

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
220030Academic EvaluatorEnrollment Services
220060Admissions & Financial Aid DirectorEnrollment Services
220110Admissions CounselorEnrollment Services
220080Admissions DirectorEnrollment Services
220090Admissions Director - AssociateEnrollment Services
220100Admissions EvaluatorEnrollment Services
224350Financial Aid CounselorEnrollment Services
224400Financial Aid DirectorEnrollment Services
228920Financial Aid Director - AssociateEnrollment Services
224500Financial Aid RepresentativeEnrollment Services
228500RegistrarEnrollment Services
228550Registrar - AssociateEnrollment Services

Executive Management

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
224375Assistant Vice President Administrative ServicesExecutive Management
223900Associate DirectorExecutive Management
224300Associate ProvostExecutive Management
000550Board ChairpersonExecutive Management
001050Board SecretaryExecutive Management
002550ChancellorExecutive Management
000610Chief Academic Affairs OfficerExecutive Management
000620Chief Administration OfficerExecutive Management
000640Chief Budget OfficerExecutive Management
000650Chief Business OfficerExecutive Management
000660Chief Diversity OfficerExecutive Management
000670Chief Enrollment OfficerExecutive Management
000510Chief Executive Officer - Single InstitutionExecutive Management
000520Chief Executive Officer - System or DistrictExecutive Management
000680Chief External Affairs OfficerExecutive Management
000710Chief Investment OfficerExecutive Management
000720Chief LibrarianExecutive Management
001010Chief Planning OfficerExecutive Management
001020Chief Public Relations OfficerExecutive Management
001030Chief Research OfficerExecutive Management
001040Chief Student Affairs OfficerExecutive Management
224000Executive DirectorExecutive Management
224200Executive Director - FoundationExecutive Management
002560ProvostExecutive Management
002800Top Academic OfficerExecutive Management
004650Top Development ExecutiveExecutive Management
008050Top Public Policy Development ExecutiveExecutive Management
002650Vice ChancellorExecutive Management
009560Vice President - Development - AssociateExecutive Management
009570Vice President - Research - AssociateExecutive Management
009580Vice President - Student Affairs - AssociateExecutive Management
224325Vice ProvostExecutive Management

External Affairs

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
220140Advancement DirectorExternal Affairs
220520Alumni Relations DirectorExternal Affairs
220530Alumni Relations Officer IExternal Affairs
220540Alumni Relations Officer II (Senior)External Affairs
220550Annual Giving DirectorExternal Affairs
220560Annual Giving Officer IExternal Affairs
220570Annual Giving Officer II (Senior)External Affairs
220580Corporate & Foundation Relations DirectorExternal Affairs
222000Development AssistantExternal Affairs
222500Development DirectorExternal Affairs
222100Development ManagerExternal Affairs
223000Development OfficerExternal Affairs
223160Donor Relations DirectorExternal Affairs
223850External Affairs DirectorExternal Affairs
223950Family Support WorkerExternal Affairs
224900Fundraising CoordinatorExternal Affairs
224920Fundraising DirectorExternal Affairs
224910Fundraising ManagerExternal Affairs
225005Grant Proposal ManagerExternal Affairs
224990Grants & Contracts DirectorExternal Affairs
225010Grant WriterExternal Affairs
226000Major Gifts DirectorExternal Affairs
226050Major Gifts Officer IExternal Affairs
226060Major Gifts Officer II (Senior)External Affairs
226900Planned Giving DirectorExternal Affairs
226910Planned Giving Officer IExternal Affairs
226920Planned Giving Officer II (Senior)External Affairs
226930Resource Development CoordinatorExternal Affairs
226940Stewardship DirectorExternal Affairs
226950Stewardship Officer IExternal Affairs
226960Stewardship Officer II (Senior)External Affairs

Facilities Maintenance

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
040100Building Maintenance Trades ManagerFacilities Maintenance
040200Construction CoordinatorFacilities Maintenance
040325Custodial Services DirectorFacilities Maintenance
040350Custodial Services Director - Associate Facilities Maintenance
040300Custodial Services ManagerFacilities Maintenance
040400Energy & Utilities DirectorFacilities Maintenance
040935Facilities Director - AssociateFacilities Maintenance
040940Facilities EngineerFacilities Maintenance
181700Inventory ManagerFacilities Maintenance
041350LandscaperFacilities Maintenance
047800Power Plant ManagerFacilities Maintenance
047900Real Estate DirectorFacilities Maintenance
048100Technical Trades ManagerFacilities Maintenance
048000Technical Trades SupervisorFacilities Maintenance


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
225905Instructor - ClinicalFaculty
225960Professor - AssistantFaculty
225965Professor - Assistant - ClinicalFaculty
225970Professor - AssociateFaculty
225975Professor - Associate - ClinicalFaculty
225955Professor - ClinicalFaculty


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
012850Accountant - Restricted FundsFinance
014700Budget Analyst IFinance
014710Budget Analyst IIFinance
014720Budget DirectorFinance
014730Budget Director - AssociateFinance
014740Budget SupervisorFinance
220365Bursar - AssistantFinance
025240Business Office CashierFinance
142250Collections SupervisorFinance
015720Comptroller - AssistantFinance

Government & Community Relations

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
151140Church Relations DirectorGovernment & Community Relations
151130Community Outreach AdvocateGovernment & Community Relations
082030Community Relations DirectorGovernment & Community Relations
224960Federal Relations DirectorGovernment & Community Relations
224950Government Affairs DirectorGovernment & Community Relations
224980Governmental Relations DirectorGovernment & Community Relations
224970Government Relations SpecialistGovernment & Community Relations
225700Legislative AnalystGovernment & Community Relations
225850LobbyistGovernment & Community Relations
225860News Bureau ManagerGovernment & Community Relations
225870Publications DirectorGovernment & Community Relations
225880Publications Director - AssociateGovernment & Community Relations
224995Public Information DirectorGovernment & Community Relations
225890State Government Relations DirectorGovernment & Community Relations
229050Volunteer CoordinatorGovernment & Community Relations
228990Volunteer DirectorGovernment & Community Relations
229100Volunteer ManagerGovernment & Community Relations

Human Resources

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
050000Affirmative Action DirectorHuman Resources
050010Affirmative Action ManagerHuman Resources
050020Affirmative Action SpecialistHuman Resources
052200Credentialing SpecialistHuman Resources
052210Disability Services AdvisorHuman Resources
052220Disability Services CoordinatorHuman Resources
052230Disability Services DirectorHuman Resources
052550Employee Relations Specialist IHuman Resources
052560Employee Relations Specialist II (Senior)Human Resources
052570Employee Relations SupervisorHuman Resources
053010Employment Specialist IHuman Resources
053020Employment Specialist II (Senior)Human Resources
053020Employment SupervisorHuman Resources
053070Faculty Affairs DirectorHuman Resources
053450HRIS ManagerHuman Resources
054910Labor Relations Specialist IHuman Resources
054920Labor Relations Specialist II (Senior)Human Resources
054930Labor Relations SupervisorHuman Resources
055600Recruitment DirectorHuman Resources
057800Title IX CoordinatorHuman Resources

Information Systems

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
070030Academic Computing DirectorInformation Systems
070040Academic Computing Director - AssociateInformation Systems
070080Administrative Computing DirectorInformation Systems
070090Administrative Computing Director - AssociateInformation Systems
070310Auditor IT IInformation Systems
070320Auditor IT II (Senior)Information Systems
070330Auditor IT ManagerInformation Systems
223170Distance Education CoordinatorInformation Systems
223100Distance Education DirectorInformation Systems
223180Distance Education Faculty Support ManagerInformation Systems
072950Email AdministratorInformation Systems
072960Enterprise Data Center DirectorInformation Systems
072970Enterprise Information Systems DirectorInformation Systems
074310Information Security EngineerInformation Systems
073910Information Systems Director - AssociateInformation Systems
074210Instructional Technology DirectorInformation Systems
074220Instructional Technology SpecialistInformation Systems
255500Network Communications Technician IInformation Systems
255510Network Communications Technician II (Senior)Information Systems
255600Network EngineerInformation Systems
075910Online Instructional Designer IInformation Systems
075920Online Instructional Designer II (Senior)Information Systems
076900Research Computing DirectorInformation Systems
078100Systems Programmer IInformation Systems
078200Systems Programmer II (Senior)Information Systems
078300Systems Programmer SupervisorInformation Systems
258300Technical Operations ManagerInformation Systems
079120User Services DirectorInformation Systems
079600Web Services ManagerInformation Systems


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
062600Licensing AssistantLegal
066000Technology Liaison OfficerLegal
066100Technology Transfer DirectorLegal
066200Technology Transfer Director - AssociateLegal

Library & Media Services

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
225100Digital Library EngineerLibrary & Media Services
225300Learning Resources Center DirectorLibrary & Media Services
225800LibrarianLibrary & Media Services
225750Librarian - AcquisitionsLibrary & Media Services
225760Librarian - Archives & Special CollectionsLibrary & Media Services
225915Librarian - Catalog ILibrary & Media Services
225920Librarian - Catalog II (Senior)Library & Media Services
225770Librarian - Collection DevelopmentLibrary & Media Services
225780Librarian - Electronic ResourcesLibrary & Media Services
225790Librarian - Government Documents & PublicationsLibrary & Media Services
225865Librarian - MediaLibrary & Media Services
225876Librarian - Public ServicesLibrary & Media Services
225925Librarian - Reference & Instruction ILibrary & Media Services
225930Librarian - Reference & Instruction II (Senior)Library & Media Services
225885Librarian - SerialsLibrary & Media Services
225895Librarian - SystemsLibrary & Media Services
225910Librarian - Technical ServicesLibrary & Media Services
225810Library AideLibrary & Media Services
225820Library Circulation SupervisorLibrary & Media Services
225830Library DirectorLibrary & Media Services
225840Library Operations ManagerLibrary & Media Services
226010Media Services DirectorLibrary & Media Services
226020Media Services SpecialistLibrary & Media Services
225945Paper ConservatorLibrary & Media Services

Materials Management

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
104020Procurement Agent IMaterials Management
104030Procurement Agent II (Senior)Materials Management
104040Procurement ManagerMaterials Management
104050Procurement DirectorMaterials Management

Media & Communications

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
252100Advertising Account DirectorMedia & Communications
252120Advertising Account Manager - AssistantMedia & Communications
252110Advertising Account Manager IMedia & Communications
252130Advertising Account Manager II (Senior)Media & Communications
252140Advertising Traffic DirectorMedia & Communications
252150Advertising Traffic ManagerMedia & Communications
252200Camera OperatorMedia & Communications
252750Editor - AcquisitionsMedia & Communications
252650Editor - AssistantMedia & Communications
252700Editor - ManagingMedia & Communications
252600Editor IMedia & Communications
252850Editor II (Senior)Media & Communications
252790FM Radio Station ManagerMedia & Communications
252800JournalistMedia & Communications
252900MailerMedia & Communications
255000Master Control OperatorMedia & Communications
255010Master Control SupervisorMedia & Communications
255020Master Control TechnicianMedia & Communications
255100Media BuyerMedia & Communications
255200Media PlannerMedia & Communications
255700Page DesignerMedia & Communications
255900PhotographerMedia & Communications
255930Press DirectorMedia & Communications
255950Print EstimatorMedia & Communications
256000Producer IMedia & Communications
256010Producer II (Senior)Media & Communications
256200Production AssistantMedia & Communications
256210Production ManagerMedia & Communications
256220Production TechnicianMedia & Communications
256500Programming AssistantMedia & Communications
256510Programming ManagerMedia & Communications
256600Public Affairs SpecialistMedia & Communications
256800ReporterMedia & Communications
257800Set DesignerMedia & Communications
252500Television & Cable DirectorMedia & Communications
258950Television EngineerMedia & Communications
258970Television Station ManagerMedia & Communications
259400Video EditorMedia & Communications
259500WriterMedia & Communications
259600Writer - AssistantMedia & Communications


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Job #Job TitleJob Family
222200Biosafety OfficerResearch
223600Electronic Technician SupervisorResearch
152740Laboratory Animal Research DirectorResearch
152710Laboratory CoordinatorResearch
152790Laboratory DirectorResearch
152800Laboratory ManagerResearch
152810Laboratory SupervisorResearch
037000Laboratory Technician IResearch
037200Laboratory Technician II (Senior)Research
228610Radiation Safety OfficerResearch
225620Research Associate - Post Doctoral IResearch
228625Research Associate - Post Doctoral II (Senior)Research
228600Research Associate IResearch
228605Research Associate II (Senior)Research
228640Research Computer SpecialistResearch
228720Research Field Technician IResearch
228725Research Field Technician II (Senior)Research
228630Research Institute DirectorResearch
228730Research Project EngineerResearch
228650Research ScientistResearch
228655Research Scientist - AssociateResearch
039230Research TechnicianResearch
228670Research TechnologistResearch

Student Affairs & Activities

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
220000Academic Advising DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
220050Academic AdvisorStudent Affairs & Activities
220040Academic Support CoordinatorStudent Affairs & Activities
220490Campus MinisterStudent Affairs & Activities
220495Campus Ministries DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
220370Career Development & Placement DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
220380Career Development & Placement SpecialistStudent Affairs & Activities
220810Conference DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
222060Dean - Student AffairsStudent Affairs & Activities
223830Diversity Affairs DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
225100Greek Life DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
228410Recreation/Intramural CoordinatorStudent Affairs & Activities
228420Recreation/Intramural DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
228430Recreation/Intramural Director - AssociateStudent Affairs & Activities
228750Sign Language InterpreterStudent Affairs & Activities
228820Student Academic Counseling DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
228850Student Activities CoordinatorStudent Affairs & Activities
228900Student Activities DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
228905Student Activities Director - AssociateStudent Affairs & Activities
228915Student Activities OfficerStudent Affairs & Activities
228925Student Judicial AdministratorStudent Affairs & Activities
228930Student Union DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
228935Student Union Director - AssociateStudent Affairs & Activities
228940Study Abroad CoordinatorStudent Affairs & Activities
228945Summer Camps & Programs DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
228950Undergraduate Student Affairs DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
229110Women's Center DirectorStudent Affairs & Activities
229115Women's Center Director - AssociateStudent Affairs & Activities

Student Housing & Health Services

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Job #Job TitleJob Family
220780Clinical Research Nurse (RN)Student Housing & Health Services
221010Counseling & Psychological Services DirectorStudent Housing & Health Services
221000CounselorStudent Housing & Health Services
151500DietitianStudent Housing & Health Services
225210Housing & Residence Life OfficerStudent Housing & Health Services
225220Housing Administration OfficerStudent Housing & Health Services
155300Nurse - Staff (RN)Student Housing & Health Services
155500Nurse Manager/Head Nurse (RN)Student Housing & Health Services
155100Nurse Practitioner (RN)Student Housing & Health Services
155280Nurse Specialist - Clinical (RN)Student Housing & Health Services
156695Pharmacist - ClinicalStudent Housing & Health Services
156895Pharmacy Purchasing AgentStudent Housing & Health Services
156910Pharmacy Technician - CertifiedStudent Housing & Health Services
156915Pharmacy Technician - Non-CertifiedStudent Housing & Health Services
151110PsychologistStudent Housing & Health Services
228100Public Health - Clinic AssistantStudent Housing & Health Services
228200Public Health Nurse (RN)Student Housing & Health Services
228300Public Health Program ManagerStudent Housing & Health Services
228690Residence Hall DirectorStudent Housing & Health Services
228680Resident Hall Manager - Room & Board IncludedStudent Housing & Health Services
228685Resident Hall Manager - Room & Board Not IncludedStudent Housing & Health Services
153600Social Worker - BSWStudent Housing & Health Services
153700Social Worker - MSWStudent Housing & Health Services
228960Student Health Services Director (Non-Medical Administrator)Student Housing & Health Services
228970Student Health Services Director (Nurse Administrator)Student Housing & Health Services
228980Student Health Services Director (Physician Administrator)Student Housing & Health Services
229550Student Housing DirectorStudent Housing & Health Services
229555Student Housing Director - AssociateStudent Housing & Health Services


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