Wellness Programs on the Rise for Manufacturing & Distribution Employers

July 24, 2012    

According to the newly released 2012 Compensation Data Manufacturing & Distribution survey results, employers are providing many options to their employees concerning health and wellness programs. With prevention becoming the buzzword, organizations have taken steps to increase their employees’ health and wellness through various programs.

Two programs showing the most change since 2011 are offering rewards or incentives and biometric screening. In 2011, 42.5 percent of employers offered rewards or incentives compared to more than 45.6 percent in 2012. Biometric screening was offered by 37.5 percent of participating organizations in 2011 compared to more than 44 percent this year.

“Employers are recognizing the importance of healthy living for today’s workers,” said Amy Kaminski, director of marketing for Compdata Surveys, the nation’s leading pay and benefit survey data provider. “Organizations are increasingly offering programs to support employees’ total wellness.”

The number of manufacturers and distributors reporting giving away gift cards and fitness products has decreased. However, the percentage of organizations reporting using HAS/HRA contributions as a reward has also increased from 25.3 percent in 2011 to more than 28 percent in 2012. More than 35 percent of participating employers reported utilizing insurance discounts as a reward in 2012.

The three mos popular forms of alternative treatments offered remained the same as last year with chiropractic, nutritional counseling and acupuncture respectively taking the top three spots. Slightly fewer participants offered chiropractic treatments at 95.4 percent this year, down from 96 percent in 2011, while more than 24 percent of participants offered acupuncture this year. Nutritional counseling has gained popularity with manufacturing and distribution employers, increasing from 29.2 percent in 2011 to 32 percent this year.

About the Survey
Compensation Data 2012 Manufacturing & Distribution contains data on 100 industry specific job titles and 400 benchmark job titles ranging from entry-level to top executives. Data was collected from nearly 28,000 manufacturers and distributors with a combined 23 million employees, making it the largest database in the country for its industry. More than 26,000 companies in other industries provided data on benchmark titles. The results provide a comprehensive summary of pay data, benefit information and pay practices with an effective date of February 1, 2012.

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