Healthcare Salaries are Up!

May 20, 2011    

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Salaries are rising for healthcare professions across the U.S. At least that’s what a new survey says from Compdata. Compared with 2009 levels, base salaries have increased about 5 percent for occupational therapists, physical therapists, pharmacists, EMTs and staff nurses with five to 25 years of experience.

The minimum hire-on-pay for a nurse with five years of experience averages $51,300. With 25 years of experience, the average minimum pay is $65,300.

A spokeswoman for Compdata Surveys said, “While many industries are struggling to bring employment levels back to pre-recession numbers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the number of jobs in the healthcare industry will increase by 22 percent between 2008 and 2018.” She went on to say, “With this kind of growth projected within the industry, employers are not only going to have to ensure compensation packages are competitive enough to attract new talent, but also ensure they are competitive enough to hold onto existing talent as well.”

Original Article:

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