Compensation Force – 2008 Turnover Rates by Industry

March 31, 2009    

Posted by: Ann Bares

Original Article: Compensation Force

So it turns out that my most popular post ever is not one of my clever little opinion pieces but rather the one where I shared turnover rates by industry, excerpted from the 2007 edition of Compdata’s Annual Compensation Survey.  (Go figure.)

And now, in response to reader demand and a begging email on my part, Compdata has generously shared the following 2008 turnover data, both voluntary and total, by industry.  This data is particularly robust, having been collected from nearly 5,300 participating HR departments.

Turnover Rates by Industry

Special thanks go out to the folks at CompData Surveys, who have also offered to share 2009 turnover statistics with us here when they are available – data that will likely be quite different than what we saw in 2008.  In the meantime, if you find yourself in the market for compensation and benefits survey data, be sure to visit their website.

Original Article: Compensation Force

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