Lean Manufacturing and Safety Remain Important

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The 2009 Compensation Data Manufacturing survey shows manufacturers and distributors utilize a number of unique methods to keep quality and efficiency high.

Kansas City, Kan. – Whether adding safety incentives, gaining ISO 9000 certification or using lean practices, the manufacturing industry utilizes a number of unique methods to keep quality and efficiency high in their organizations.  The 2009 Compensation Data Manufacturing survey collected data on each of these tactics to determine the degree to which they are used.

Lean manufacturing programs were designed to maximize value and minimize waste. When comparing the various components, a 5S program is the most commonly used at 67.6 percent. Six Sigma followed at 58.5 percent with Kaizen process improvement close behind. Value Stream Mapping and Kanban are employed by less than half of the companies surveyed.

Manufacturers and distributors promote safety through a variety of incentives. Gift certificates, rewards and merchandise are used by more than half of the organizations surveyed. Safety awards and certificates are utilized by 43.9 percent, while bonuses are used by nearly a quarter.

“Employing these techniques can be a cost-effective move. In particular, safety incentives can translate to huge savings for employers,” said Amy Kaminski, manager of marketing programs for Compdata Surveys. “Fewer workers’ compensation claims, lower insurance premiums and a happier workforce are often the result of a well-thought out safety incentive program.”

ISO 9000 standards are comprised of guidelines relating to quality management systems and supporting standards. The survey results found 56.8 percent of the companies surveyed had this certification. Durable goods had the largest percentage, 67, while distribution and warehouse had the smallest, 32.9 percent. At non-durable organizations, less than half had ISO 9000 certification.

About the Survey
Compensation Data 2009 Manufacturing contains data on over 200 industry-specific job titles and more than 250 benchmark titles ranging from entry-level to top executives. Data is collected annually from employers across the country. The results provide a comprehensive summary of pay data, benefit information and pay practices with an effective date of February 1, 2009.

Compdata Surveys is the nation’s leading compensation and benefits survey data provider. Thousands of U.S. organizations provide data each year ensuring the reliability of our results. Compdata Surveys has been providing comprehensive data at affordable prices to organizations from coast to coast since 1988.  For further information about the compensation and benefits surveys, contact Amy Kaminski at (800) 300-9570.


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