Organizations Focused on Wellness

January 27, 2009    

The Benefits USA 2008/2009 results found 68.3 percent of organizations offered wellness programs.

With the start of the new year, many employees are ready to make changes to improve their overall health. Organizations across the country are helping workers meet their goals with wellness programs. The Benefits USA 2008/2009 results found 68.3 percent of organizations offered them. This number has increased by 5.9 percent over the last four years.

Wellness programs are offered by a variety of organizations. When comparing by size, at least 70 percent of companies with over 500 employees offer wellness programs. The percent offering also varies by industry. Government organizations had the highest percentage, 82.1 percent, while service providers had the smallest percentage, 61.8 percent.

Wellness programs can provide a number of benefits to employees. Nearly 60 percent offer flu shots/immunizations, while nearly a third provide health risk assessments and tobacco cessation. Annual physicals are available to 27.4 percent through company wellness programs. Onsite nurse/medical staff can be found at a small percentage of organizations, 10.8.

Obesity rates have made headlines across the country, and in response, 22 percent of organizations are offering weight management programs. These are mostly available in the healthcare and hospitality industries. Additionally, they are more prevalent at organizations with over 500 employees. Because obesity increases the risk of health conditions, weight management programs can aid in disease prevention, thus reducing an organization’s healthcare costs. Conditions associated with obesity include heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, stroke and respiratory problems.

About the Survey
Benefits USA 2008/2009 analyzes national and regional data on benefits eligibility and administration policies with detailed information on benefit plans, premiums and provisions. Information was collected from more than 5,500 benefit plans covering almost 6 million employees across the country.

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